dell-lubeFeb 20, 2013 – I got more fraudulent charges from DELL CANADA INC 800-WWWDELL ON…or maybe I should say I was again falsely billed by Dell? Once again I am forced to get a new Mastercard because of fraudsters who are making unauthorized purchases at Dell Canada. This is the 4th time I’ve seen odd activity on my credit card statements. I find it incredible that Dell is involved in pretty much all of my credit card frauds.

They must have the slackest order verification team going or maybe they don’t even have one. I have been on hold with Dell for over an hour to dispute two charges from DELL CANADA INC 800-WWWDELL ON and both for $1,218.68 that both occurred on the same day. A few months ago it was for $988.17 and I forget the previous amounts…always the cost of a new laptop or one of their computers no doubt.

Likely someone bought a couple of computers and we’re maybe trying to then get the shipped computers redirected to another shipping address. I really would like to know how they got a hold of my credit card number in the first place to make these online purchases. They must have had the billing address, card number and expiration date as well as the security code on the back of the card but how?

The last time my card was used for a fraudulent Dell purchase the shipping address was somewhere in Ontario. I was able to speak to Dell’s order verification team on that case months ago and had agreed it had been marked as a suspicious sale and cancelled but what pissed me off was that it took them months to put the credit to my account. In fact I had to call BMO many times to find out why the charge hadn’t been repaid by Dell.

I was thinking that Dell was running a neat little scam game. If someone gets hold of a stolen credit card number and makes an order through DELL then DELL becomes complicit in the scam by charging the card and shipping out a computer and maybe a small percentage of the time no-one notices and the scammer gets away with it.

If they new the purchase was suspicious and cancelled it why did it take them over two months to refund the payment to my card?

OK…I have been on hold now for 1 hour and 20 minutes…am writing this stupid blog post to kill time while I am on hold listening to their robot apologize for the delay over and over and over.

I wish I could block certain retailers from my card just like I block certain phone numbers from my iPhone.

dell-suckssI have never bought from Dell and never will. I have had to cut up 4 credit cards because 4 times I have had fraudulent charges from DELL CANADA INC 800-WWWDELL ON on my card and had to fill out paperwork and waste my time and go through the hassle of changing the payment info that I used for my business.

And here we go again…I am on hold again with them…at least I am getting used to the process and don’t stress out about it but it is a pain in the ass.

I can’t believe the pathetic system they have for order verification. If my name and billing address have been used by credit card thieves to purchase on four separate occasions then Dell must have no internal system of red flagging potential criminal purchases.

Shouldn’t they have a list of names, card numbers, phone numbers and or billing addresses that had been involved in fraudulent activity in the past and then refuse future purchases? These crooks must have a billing address and must have always given the correct address on the card statement.

Yet Dell keeps selling computers to these fraudsters! I hate DELL for this and will not buy anything from them. Or maybe they themselves are doing this in a huge corporate criminal theft from consumers? My mind is boggled!

I am now at 90 minutes on hold waiting to talk to someone. They just want me to go away and pay the charge I suppose? They are selling computers and electronics fraudulently and they are accomplices if you ask me!

Oh yeah I hate hackers and scammers and defrauding low lifes but I also loathe corporations that seem to play along with them.Someone should look into them for false billing as that is about what it amounts to. They are ripping me off, ripping the bank off. And if ever I do get through to customer service I will be talking to an offshore person in India who will ask me what is my purchase reference number and will seem shocked when I didn’t have one and want to report a false charge. Sheesh it is probably one of his relatives who was the one who stole my credit card information in the first place!

1 hour and 39 minutes…I can’t take it….by them not answering my call to report this they are hoping that they get away with it. Nice try you slime balls!

Arghhhh! Dell sucks and Dell Scams! I will never buy Dell!
What a joke!

I am officially on hold for 2 hours…my life is passing by while these rats crawl up our legs…

The number for the order verification desk is 866-895-6186. Don’t expect any help though…but if you insist on waiting get a copy of Ben Hur to watch while you wait for them to answer your call.

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