Homewood Suites at Orlando Airport: Sweet Home Away from Home

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Dami at Homewod Suites Orlando Airport

Day 1

We got to Homewood Suites in the evening after our flight. We couldn’t have chosen a better hotel. It was like coming home after a long day and it was so comfortable. The bed was clean and the shower was hot. We were too late for a trip to Publix and had no choice but to go to Wawa which was convenient but didn’t have many choices for DD. We prepared our snacks and lunches for the next day in the fully equipped kitchen. We went to bed after a nice hot shower.

Day 2

We came back to Homewood Suites on our way back from The Keys and it was even more like coming home this time. It was nice to check-in earlier. This time we had a room on the highest floor (4th) facing the trees in the back. Dinner was ready and Dami helped himself with some free hot sausage and sauerkraut. DD had some deconstructed chicken sandwiches turned into pesto pasta with cucumber and celery. We still had lots of food left and we managed to use everything without having to throw away anything. We kept our leftover pizza for our flight the next day.

Kitchen at Homewood Suites Orlando Airport

Kitchen at Homewood Suites Orlando Airport

We would definitely consider this hotel again if we needed a place near the Orlando hotel although next time we will buy some bottled water because the tap water was soft and didn’t taste very good. Come to think of it, you never felt like you rinsed completely when washing… don’t you hate that feeling?

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