5 Days to Walt Disney World!

Five Days To Go Before Disney World!
Only one hand left of fingers to count until we leave for Orlando, Florida to Walt Disney World.

Only one hand left of fingers to count until we leave for Orlando, Florida to Walt Disney World. I just came back from Sobey’s with bags of snack packs and nuts and dried bananas: I’m nuts and bananas for dried bananas! It’s true! I just love them! And I also bought a bagful of Jello for airmiles! Crazy I know and I felt like the guy who bought those puddings a while back when he found a glitch in the system. The Jello packs were .65 cents each and if you bought 3 you got 5 airmiles. I thought that was a pretty good deal so I bought 24 for 40 airmiles! Not too shabby! I spent 15.60$ for 40 airmiles and a year supply of Jello: I would never have so much fun if I had a million dollar! But then I could go to all the Disney parks all over the real world in a year…

Radio Radio’s music is is the soundtrack for the day! As I was walking back from the store I kept hearing the Radio Radio song Deckshoo “C’est qui c’qui veut du Jello” and as I was putting snacks in my big suitcase, the other one 9 piece luggage Set cause I have a “grosse valise” and I “Collect mes airmiles”! I’d love to have a kava lounge evening with the guys from Radio Radio along with Andre Sauvé, with Dami and the Burmese cats of course! What a surreal evening that would be. Speaking of kava, I am bringing some instant kava. The idea of having some fresh “Nakamal at Home” kava shipped straight to the resort crossed my mind but it might not be a good idea. The thing is they don’t ship to Canada anymore and that is too bad. I guess we will have to go visit one day. But the truth is the Kona Kava Farm powdered kava we buy is so good that we will be fine without any other kind. And I can’t believe how their new batch is strong.

Packing for Walt Disney World!
Packing for Walt Disney World!

I got a Febreeze deodorizer  (in case the room smells funky) and the smell reminds me of JP, and suddenly I am a Rock by Simon and Garfunkle starts playing on the Windows player: “A rock feels no pain… and an island never cries…” I asked for the musician at the funerals to play that song.  I miss JP and I always will. I was never closer to him than when he passed away. I carry his memory within my flesh and bones, along with my grandmother’s. I raise a kava shell to them!

Now back to the trip… where was I? Oh yes, I was saying preparing is a big part of traveling. Walt Disney World means a lot to me, and it does a little more each new time I go. I check the weather predictions every day, and fortunately the big low pressure system will have passed by Sunday. It will be minus 2 Celsius (28F) in Orlando tomorrow night! At this time, it looks like the weather will warm up just for us. Mama D will be able to go for a swim Sunday evening while we wait for our luggage and I drink my kava!

World’s Biggest Snowman!

Worlds Biggest Snow Man!
The Biggest Snowman in the World…perhaps the universe! Well…ok so this is a bit of trickery…it was still pretty big! See the real picture of the snowman, actual size, and more pictures of New Brunswick in our Photo Gallery.

Well not quite…actually it’s a bit of an exaggeration… there have surely been bigger snowmen throughout the ages but I must say this is the biggest snowman I’ve ever built on my own and my first one ever in New Brunswick!

We woke up today to another snowstorm blowing into Atlantic Canada! That makes one storm of some sort every week for the past month! Storm surges, freezing rain, tropical depressions, you name it and we’ve had it…of course we were given a break and didn’t have a white Christmas but the snow is here now!

Here Here!

This morning we had 20cm! It was big fluffy flakes drifting in a calm sky, cloudy and just around freezing…I knew that there wouldn’t be time to waste and after a cup of coffee got on my booties to go shovel the driveway. Yep, you heard me, shovel the driveway. I know that since we’ve been in New Brunswick we have seen most people have snow blowers to do the work but we’re old school and prefer to get some exercise while we shovel.

Of course we might change our tune and get a deluxe snow thrower by the time winter is over…maybe they all know something we don’t about living in New Brunswick…oh well it was a good workout today and we both burned some calories and got some good cardio with shoveling all the thick snow.

I could barely lift the snowman parts they were so heavy, the middle snow ball almost beat me! When I finally got it all put together, with potato eyes and a turnip nose, it was at least 7 feet tall! So maybe it’s not the biggest snowman in the world but I’m still pretty proud of it!

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