Brüno Movie, Starring Sacha Baron Cohen: Crazy!!

We Loved Brüno!
Vassup?! DD and I went to see the movie Brüno! We drove to the Dix-30 on opening night. After watching the different movie trailers and all the YouTube videos we could find, we were so pumped to see the new movie! It was a warm night and just perfect to see a premiere of a movie! We got there early to make sure we had a ticket but there was no problem…the theatre was only half full! Before the movie we went for some General Thai chicken at an outdoor restaurant and then strolled around the shops looking at the stores. DD bought The Complete Idiots Guide to Buddha. It is a nice shopping village!

It was so funny and hilarious! We were both laughing our heads off! DD was slapping her knees, stomping her feet, crying and laughing, it felt good! Brüno was crazy! The first scene of him with his lover and their sexual games was crazy! DD said she didn’t recall ever laughing so much for any movie or comedian in her life.

What the hell was his Google Sack or Coogle Sack or Kugel-Sack that Bruno was obsessing about??

Bruno had this crazy Velcro suit and had Paula Abdul sitting on human Mexican furniture and he was Straight Dave the redneck ultimate fighter turned gay! He was in the army and adopted a little Gaybee named O.J.! He was getting whipped by some crazy woman at a swingers party and was almost attacked by some hunters when he tried to sneak into their tent at night. WTF!! Shut The Front Door! (I wonder what Stacey and Clinton from What Not To Wear thought about Brüno if they saw it?!) How in the world does Sacha come up with this stuff…he’s a crazy performance artist for sure! “Vatever”!!

That Bruno has got a lot of courage to be doing those crazy things! He was putting himself in all kinds of dangerous situations really…I’m surprised he wasn’t beaten up or even killed!

We had a great Friday! We drove home with visions of Brüno dancing in our heads! We can’t wait for the DVD to come out. Hopefully there will be the deleted scene with LaToya Jackson.

Thank you so much Sacha Baron Cohen and all the crew for your movie!
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