Honu Green Sea Turtle

Honu Green Sea Turtle : While snorkling on The Big Island of Hawai'i I had been often approached by colorfull fish and strange creatures but one of the most memorable moments I had was when I first came swimming close to the Honu – the Green Sea Turtle! It was a moment full of adrenaline and excitement! I had been swimming along, rolling in the waves, over the sea floor which was mottles with sunlight when suddenly somthing that looked like a rock started to move! It was my first turtle! We both were being pushed by the tidal currents of Kahalu'u and in those few moments we had together we became good friends. This was the also the place that the silver ring DD had given me back home slipped off my finger…maybe this turtle is now wearing my lost ring as a souvenir of our brief encounter! DAMI

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