Hopewell Rocks – Winter – Beach Closed – Dami

Hopewell Rocks – Winter – Beach Closed – Dami : What better way to spend the first day of spring than at the Hopewell Rocks. On the spur of the moment while having our breakfast, we decided to go to the rocks. We packed up a lunch which consisted of a thermos filled with hot water for our vegetable Cup'a'Soup, a salmon salad sandwich with half a KitKat chocolate bar I later bought on the way in Hillsboro. It was a perfect spot to sit down and take it all in. The wind was a bit chilly and we thought it must be a pretty dead cold place during winter storms. Our lunch was delicious and we saw many birds fly towards the Petitcodiac river. We saw a huge flock of common eiders fly really close to the water and one of them, curious, decided to desert the flock and come check the flower pots, it was a very rare sight.

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