My First Visit to Walt Disney World

What a thrill to finally be in Florida and to finally be going to Walt Disney World for my first ever visit! Of course it is the premier destination for kids and so many people talk about their first visit to WDW and I was really getting excited to be going even though I was a little guy when Walt Disney opened the park in 1971 and now was pretty much what would be considered a dinosaur now! Arriving in Orlanda and setting up in our condo for the vacation in Kissimmee was so great and when we finally drove through the magical Disney gates on our first day it was really awesome!!

EPCOT was our first stop! Wow what a place to visit…when this is your first visit EPCOT is a perfect place to visit but it is so incredible that I was just so impressed! We spent time walking around and there was this spot with fountain jets that were spurting up across the pavement and DD was eating her banana and it was so funny to see the water snaking over her head while she munched on the banana like some dancing monkey! Oooh Ohhh ahhh ahhh!


One of the cool things at EPCOT was the different countries that circled the big lake at the center of the park. You can walk from Mexico to Africa and Norway and Japan and pas through France and England and end up in Canada and my mind was really being boggled because it was so much fun to be able to walk around the world in a few hours! Every country had a symbolic representation of the country so when you arrived in France and saw the Eiffel tower you felt like you were in France and when you saw the rocky cliffs and the Château Laurier (Ottawa) or Château Frontenac (Québec) in the Canada exhibit you really felt like you were in Canada!


My first day at WDW was awesome and the thrill of arriving on my first day and parking with everyone and walking towards the main gates was just super cool!


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