Riverview Cat Show

Walter Hutzler judging at the first annual Spring Has Sprung Riverview Cat Show
Walter Hutzler judging at the first annual Spring Has Sprung Riverview Cat Show. Mr Hutzler has been judging cat shows since 1970 and it was great to have such a renowned judge at the Riverview Cat Show!

How lucky we have a cat show here in Riverview! April 6th and 7th the Spring Has Sprung Riverview Cat Show hosted by the Fundy Fanciers CCA Cat Club came to town and we wouldn’t have missed it!

Cat shows brings out all the most ardent cat lovers who can meet with breeders and other cat addicts! Saturday when we went it was pretty much a full house and the Kinsmen Center Hall was pretty much packed. Fur to the rafters! Claws in every corner!

There were four judging areas and rows of tables with all the assorted breeds of cats and their owners, handlers and curious cat lovers young and old. The show was nice and laid back, as it was both an All-Breed Championship and also a Household Pet Cat show so there was a real variety to see.

Eleanor MacDonald judging at the Riverview Cat Show
Eleanor MacDonald judging at the Riverview Cat Show. Some of the cats were nice and calm while they were lifted, poked and inspected. Good kitty!
Christine Ling judging at the Riverview Cat Show
Christine Ling judging at the Riverview Cat Show. This lovely creature seemed to enjoy the warm hands of the judge!

Some of the kitties were shy, some were sleepy, some wanted to crawl through the bars of the judging cages and a few were howling and hissing at the top of their lungs!

There were so many beauties to see, short haired, long haired, kittens! My favorites were the Abyssinians, Havana Browns, Bombay, Bengals and of course anything Burmese.

I hope that next year the show will be in a bigger spot, there weren’t enough chairs around the judging tables and it got pretty crowded and it was hard to move about. It was also very hot inside and we went back to our car to leave our coats and hats in the car.

Kitty with Ribbons
Peeking out from behind the ribbons, one little pussycat smiles for the camera. Good job you little fluffer!
William the Burmese Kitten
William the Burmese kitten was a real sweetie. He enjoyed being petted by his papa and when it was judging time he sat handsomely in his cage with his eyes half closed in his own little Burmese dreamland.
Little Bella in Pink
All bundled up in pink, little Bella has a snooze under her blankie. She’s a real Pink Panther!

Since it was the first annual show, and hopefully the start of a yearly cat show, it was probably wise to start small but there were a lot of people so hopefully next year it would be in a larger facility. The judging was very interesting but it was hard to hear and see because all four tables were so close and with all the people it got pretty loud.

Hopefully with good positive feedback from the community we can have a show next year in a larger spot!

Walter Hutzler at the Riverview Cat Show
The crowds were packed close to the judges table as Mr. Hutzler explained how he was judging the cats and what he was looking for. He’s a great judge!

My favorite judge was Walter Hutzler from New York City. He was very informative about each breed he handled and gave us insight into the cats and what he was looking for as a judge. I remember at the show in Montreal seeing Walter as a judge and was impressed at the time. It was nice to have such a good judge here at the show in Riverview. He’s been doing it since 1970 and knows his stuff!

Abyssinian  Cat
This friendly Abyssinian cat relaxed while waiting for judging and was making pretty eyes at me. He may have only got 6th place at this judges table but he got top marks from me for being so affectionate and playful!

It is nice to be able to see all the different breeds and meet the owners and breeders who came from Quebec, Ontario and Nova Scotia and beyond to be at the show. It’s so hard to pick favorites from so many handsome creatures, it’s fun to see the kids taking an interest in different cats beyond the familiar housecat.

Speaking of something different: One darling angel was  more of an angel of darkness! The infamous Nofuratu The Cat was on hand in his own private graveyard of ghoulish kittens which was equipped with a coffin cat box! What a sweet little ghoul all bundled up in black swaddling covers!

Nofuratu on the Black Blanket of Beastly Kitties
Nofuratu sat on the Black Blanket of Beastly Kitties surrounded by ghouls and spirits! Nofuratu even has a blog so you can follow the “Adventures of a Naked Cat”

Now if that cat drove a car then I’m sure it would be a hearse with a license plate that read NVRMORE!!! She has her own blog too so you can keep up with her diabolical pussycat antics and sorcery. You can enter Nofuratu’s realm of darkness and keep up to date with “The Adventures of a Naked Cat” at the official website www.Nofuratu.Blogspot.com

Cat shows are fun and it was a great day for us. I might have wanted to go on both days but I will wait until next year when hopefully there will be a bigger hall to accommodate everyone a tad more comfortably.

When we got home from the show we were happy to see our own cats sleeping and I was glad I hadn’t entered them in the show…they are our own Best of Shows in this house!

Gimme a Kiss Kitty
Give us a kiss!
Blue Velvet
A loveable ball of blue velvet!
Gizmo the Bombay Rascal
Gizmo the Bombay Rascal
Relaxing in the tent
Relaxing in the tent
Give it a Try
Walter lets the owner try judging.
Don't put me in the cage mama!
Don’t put me in the cage mama!

Thanks to all the sponsors and organizers who put on the show. It was really good and we loved it! We give it four paws up!!

Websites of some of the attendees and sponsors  of the Fundy Fanciers Cat Club Riverview Cat Show
Bengal Cattery: www.asiafauve.com
Burmese & Bombays: www.seasedgeburmesebombays.com
Exotic Shorthairs/Longhairs: www.milburyexotics.com
Egyptian Maus: www.mausart.com
Birman & Siamese: www.finnfarm.com
Norweigian Forest Cats: www.kerrismacattery.com
Adventures of a Naked Cat: www.nofuratu.blogspot.ca/

The 2014 edition, which will be the 2nd Annual Spring Has Sprung Championship Cat Show will be at the Coverdale Center at 50 Runnymeade Road in Riverview, NB. Can’t wait! See you all in 2014!

Meow Meow for now!

Oh and if you want to meet our cats you can see them here: Jasper & Alaska Burmese Photo Album

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