Spouting Horn

Spouting Horn : Dual lava tubes create the incredible Spouting Horn. As ocean tides and active waters flow and recede through the two lava tubes there is a phenonomenon that Hawaiian legend attributed to a giant lizard dragon. One lava tube emits an eerie growling sound, much like the sound of a dragon roar, and the other lava tube shoots a strong spray geyser that can extend 30 feet into the air. We stayed at the lookout for quite a while and it is a real challenge to take a picture of the Spouting Horn. There is a connection between the size of the wave that hits the lava shoreline and how the water enters the lava tubes and the sound you hear and the corresponding size of the spray through the second lava tube…needless to say it is a lot of fun to watch and try and capture a good picture of the Spouting Horn! DAMI

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