There’s No Place Like Home

Banks of the Vltava

Banks of the VltavaThe return home is bitter sweet. One part of me is happy to be home reunited with my family and the other one still hasn’t left Prague, and is still saying her goodbyes, walking on the banks of the Vltava with original symphonies in her head that nobody will ever hear.

On my last day in Prague, I think I finally saw one of those &?%#@! pick pockets. While I was following him, I shot a shot video and took a picture but I don’t have his face because he was hiding under his black hoodie. He had a very big thick and long mustache, and he was wearing a nice pair of jeans with a fancy black leather jacket. What got me suspicious was that he was looking at each garbage cans he was passing, and the bottom of his jeans were wet from walking in the rain all day.  I saw him take a nice brownish red leather wallet out of under his right side zippered jacket and he looked to see what was in it. With my fertile imagination, I’d say he was probably walking back from either Wenceslas Square or Charles Bridge.

Charles BridgeMy flight back home went well. I had more time in between my 3 flights this time; about 3 hours and I found it to be perfect. You want to have enough time to go to the bathroom, go through security and grab a bite to eat and rest a bit after walking from one terminal to another. The biggest airport had to be Heathrow with a train and a 10-15 minutes bus ride.

I could have brought more alcohol because I was gone long enough but on the other hand it would have been heavier to carry. I bought a 750ml bottle of Czech Chardonnay, a small bottle of Prazska vodka and a mini bottle of Becherovka that I am looking forward trying. At the hotel I tried the Hruskovice but I didn’t like it and it ended up in the sink.  I also brought back with me a European bug; I got a sore throat with some virus or bacteria. Please people, cough and sneeze in the crease of your elbow and not in your hands! And wash your hands or sanitize after you blow your nose because otherwise you will spread the germs. It’s not rocket science, it’s just a question of being considerate for others: you hate being sick? Well so does everyone else.

ICharles Bridge Through Park was so happy to see Dami last night at the Moncton airport but the only thing on my mind was my nice comfortable bed. I had a great night sleep, the best I have had in a long time and I woke up in the middle of the night not knowing where I was, wondering in what hotel I was in now. My little Jasper was so happy to see his mama! Poor little boy he thought he had lost his mam forever! He slept with me and I have never seen him so affectionate on my awakening. I slept from 2am until noon today and I still feel a little jet lag but never as I did when I got to Prague three weeks ago

One thing I won’t miss from Prague is the tap water. It had something that makes it taste heavy; the water in London Heathrow tasted exactly the same. The water here is treated only with Chlorine and it tastes lighter.

Mustek Metro Bathroom PaintingFirst thing I did this morning was grab my cup from Hotel 16; they gave me a nice blue souvenir cup which earned them a song yesterday! Yes, I sang them a little song in the air of the beginning of the 9th symphony from the New World. I made it up while walking down the river before I got my camera out and noticed I had left the memory card in the room which was still in the netbook. I even made a French version afterwards and here are both versions:


I will miss you my friends, I will honestly do

And when I drink my tea, I’ll be thinking of you

Vous allez me manquer, je m’ennuierai de vous

Quand je boirai mon thé, je penserai à vous

All in all it was an awesome trip and I am glad to be home in my things with Dami, Jasper and Alaska. I would like to thank my friend Jana, her best friend Jirka and her father Vladimir whom I spent a lot of time with. The weather is very warm today In Riverview and we will go for a stroll along the Petitcodiac river we call the Chocolate river, and see how it looks today because with the tides it is never the same.