Walt Disney World Rides – Hollywood Studios

On my last Trip to Walt Disney World I visited Hollywood Studios on the third day. I got there at 8:30 am and loved the little welcome show. In this one it wasn’t Mickey and friends but a crazy Director and at the end made us  all say “Lights, Camera, Action!” and off we were to our favorite rides. I wanted to go to the Indiana Jones show but it was only starting at 11:30.

My first ride was ” Star Tours”, a thrilling Start Wars flight simulator. This was a very bad decision on my part. Not that the ride is a bad one but because I have motion sickness. I had to keep my eyes shut almost the entire ride so it was almost a waste of time for me. Thanks to this YouTube user I can now catch up and watch it at home!

My second ride was in the Streets of America Muppet Vision 3D, a 25 minute hilarious 3D film starring The Muppets. As a child I really liked Muppets. Miss Piggy was my favorite character with her outfits and hats and makeup and second was Kermit. The show was  was so funny! There was an orchestra below the stage with musician penguins! I enjoyed the live Monster who walked in front of the stage, the rabbit on the left side balcony, and the bubbles!

My third ride was The Streets of America “Studio backlot Tour”, A 35 minute walking/tram tour of movie-making magic. They took people from the audience to perform a simulation of a boat being attacked then showed us the montage. Then there  was a train ride that took us to Catastrophe Canyon. I was sitting on the left side and stayed dry despite what said the person who shot this YouTube Video.

I was looking for “Sounds Dangerous with Drew Carey” but I couldn’t find it because they shut it down. Apparently I didn’t miss much. I ended up doing “The Great Movie ride”, a 22 minute travel through classic film scenes and Hollywood moments. That ride was awesome! loved it! I liked the chic entrance decor with the carpet and the costumes.

I wanted to go to the Indiana Jones show but there were no Fast Pass available and I would’ve had to wait 45 minutes with no place to sit. So long Hollywood, it was getting too hot. With all the cement retaining the heat it must be a baking oven in the summer!?

Instead of taking the bus back to Epcot I took a boat shuttle that goes to the resort hotels. It was one of my favorite rides. It was refreshing and relaxing.

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