Walt Disney World Rides – Animal Kingdom

I was at the Walt Disney World Parks for only 3 days. I didn’t have enough time to visit all of the parks, but I went to Animal Kingdom, Epcot Center and Holliwood Studios. I saw Magic Kingdom 22 years Read more

The Laundry Room Episode

We had a nice relaxing breakfast on the lanai. Dami cooked some eggs with sausage. We also had cheese, strawberry jam and peanut butter. We had our orange juice with pineapple wedges on our glasses! The pineapple was so sweet Read more

Honolulu Airport – Bound For Kauai

Here is a picture of DD singing with pleasure at the taste of a hot apple sticky bun because In Hawaii everything tastes so much better! We opened the sliding door of the Lanai and stood out breathing in the Read more

Kauai Arrival – From Heaven to Hell

Approaching the Lihue Airport on the Island of Kauai we were given a spectacular view of the East Shoreline with lush green covered hills and reddish craggily peaks. It was breathtaking as our plane slowly descended and we could see Read more

Kauai Roosters – A New Day in Hawaii

The new day rises with the sounds of the roosters of Kauai! These little feathered fiends are everywhere like the pigeons we’d find back in our big cities but somehow they remind me of being down on the farm! So Read more