DD’s Flight from Burlington, Vermont to Orlando, Florida

April is low season at my work so I was only working one day which was Friday April 24. It was Sunday April 19, Dami and I were having our morning coffee and I told him I thought it was too bad he had to work because we could take advantage of my time off and both go on a short trip somewhere. He said: “Why Don’t you go by yourself to Orlando in Florida!” Hm… It wasn’t a bad idea but it was a bit crazy to just leave like that on my own! So I phoned my mother and she was silent until I finished explaining and then she said “Why Not?” So I thought yeah! Why Not! We found a deal on Expedia.com and booked it!

I like flying from Burlington because it’s a small airport. The only negative point is that it is rarely a direct flight. This time, I was flying with U.S Airways with a transfer in Washington. While I waited, I bought myself some magazines with a bottled water and recharged my new VirginMobile cellphone Dami bought me.

In the small plane, I was sitting in the front row which I thought was usually reserved for First Class Passengers. The transfer went smoothly, and my flights were on schedule. I felt very fortunate because other travelers didn’t have my luck and had their flights cancelled because of bad weather. There was thunderstorms all the way down to Florida.

The view from my window seat was amazing and for the first time I was able to see lightning under puffy white clouds to the east. I must say U.S. Airways is not my favorite airline. The planes are old and dirty and there was no snacks that I could buy and I starved and got a stomach ache because of that. But the staff was nice and all went well.