Walt Disney World Rides – Animal Kingdom

I was at the Walt Disney World Parks for only 3 days. I didn’t have enough time to visit all of the parks, but I went to Animal Kingdom, Epcot Center and Holliwood Studios. I saw Magic Kingdom 22 years ago and all I can remember is the Caroussel of Time. Here is an interactive map of Animal Kingdom, thanks to this YouTube user. I must say when I was on the rides, I thought, what part don’t they understand in no cameras and no filming? But now that I am back home, I must say I’m glad these people went against the rules… It isn’t that big of a crime because there’s nothing like being there in person and I believe this can also help people in planning their visit to Disney.

It’s Tough to Be A Bug! 3D Show housed in the root system of the Tree of Life. Features Flik and Hopper, inspired by Disney-Pixar’s “A Bug’s Life”. Some creepy-crawly moments in the dark.

This is the first ride I did Tuesday morning when I got to Animal Kingdom. I was wondering if I was at the right place cause I was the only one there, but soon enough some people started to walk in the line. I waited about 5 minutes to get in.

This is one of the videos of the movie I found. It’s not the best quality but it runs til the end when they ask the audience to remain seated and you feel the maggots running underneath the seat!

The next ride I took was the Kali River Rapids, in the Asia section of Animal Kingdom. I think I was the one who got the wettest.

Since I was too wet to eat at the Yak & Yeti restaurant, I sat down on a bench in the sun and relaxed a bit. This woman next to me asked on what ride I had been on to be this wet? Yeah. I got a fast pass to The Kilimanjaro’s Safaris, then rode the Express Train to Rafiki’s Planet Watch but stayed in the train to return to Africa. The Safari reminded me of a PC Adventure game we played called Paradise, which is set in Africa.

The last ride I took in Animal Kingdom was Dinosaur. They take a picture of you inside the ride, at a scary cornier and they sell it at the exit. I thought for 20$ it wasn’t worth it. I thought they show everybody in the car and one woman’s picture was way funnier than mine. She looked really scared and her mouth was open, you could tell she was screeming.