Saguenay: Let the pictures tell the story

Warm water, a gentle sloping beach and soft sand everywhere make Lac St Jean a great place!

Banners are hung through town as the music festivals and beer festivals are all taking place. It is nice to be able to walk through Chicoutimi and not have any traffic.

On our visit to Parc National de la Pointe Taillon I had a nice lesson in bog formation. There are different presentations along the bike trail and a schedule of events.

At sunset during our camping trip there were some cool rings around the sun as it slipped behind the trees on the shores of Lac St Jean.

As the sun went down on our camping trip a small crater was left where children had been playing…it was a mini sea next to a larger sea….at least to me…do you see?

The tide was out and people were playing on the rocks. A happy pair of puppies played with their master on the shores of the Saguenay.

Along the bike trail that circles the Parc National de la Pointe Taillon there are dozens of beaver dams.

The sun was setting as we enjoyed the view from the balcony overlooking the Saguenay River.

As we rode our bikes along the shores of Lac St Jean the weather changed very quickly and dark clouds brought in rain and winds suddenly. There were trees knocked down and power outages but we made it to shelter in time.

Outside of the Museum of the Fjord in Saguenay is an awesome statue of a mermaid and the view to the bay with the large boats is awesome.

On our ride on the bike trails in Jonquiere we cross many bridges and dams as we ride along the river. It’s a great place for cycling!

We visited the Museum that commemorates the little white house that survived the devasting floods when the Saguenay River burst over the dam and wiped out many homes.

The little white house now stands as a museum and it’s great to visit; they show films and have a full history of the family who lived in the house and it really brings the moments of the flood to a deeper meaning for visitors.

This sign cracks me up. The YATCH club! Even Google translate couldn’t come up with that!

People were fishing as the sun dipped below the hills on a warm summer night in Chicoutimi.

The huge fountain along the boardwalk in Chicoutimi looks amazing at sunset!

Doing a great impersonation of a fellow named Marc Lacharite, this Saguenay resident is pretty flashy as he strolls along Saguenay Boulevard! RIP Marc Lacharite, miss you mon ami!

We stopped for a drink and a rest in a park in Jonquiere and a little kid came out to water his garden with his papa…too cute!

I like the City Hall in Jonquiere!

Along the bike trail more hydro electric dams to cross. They are integrated well with the bike trail!

We had dinner at a small restaurant and this was the view across the street.

I like this sign and when I first saw it I asked if this was the local gay restaurant because of the rainbow colors!

Walking home I saw this moment, timeless to me…

Great views of the river and the low tide as we make our way towards Boulevard Saguenay after a night at the pub.

Along Saguenay Boulevard in Chicoutimi is this fantastic sculpture guiding us home.

Windsurfers riding the waves at La Baie.

The paths along Scullion Gardens have some amazing views and through one trellis covered in clematis is an overhead waterfall creating a stream.

A great trail runs an easy walking loop around Scullion Gardens in L’Ascension-de-Notre-Seigneur. I love the well marked trails!

I was alone as I explored the Scullion Gardens in L’Ascension-de-Notre-Seigneur near Lac St. Jean. I would love to come back here!

I visited the Maison de Battiseurs which is a great exhibit from the Lac Saint Jean Historical Society. Up in the tower where the professor lives we have a great view of the river as it runs towards the hydro electric dam.

There is nothing that makes me stop to take a picture more than a pasture full of sheep. So baaaaad that it’s good!

Waiting to go back home the St. Simeon ferry arrives to take me to Riviere du Loup. I will be back!

July 26, 2013