Newark New Jersey – The Stepping Stone

Just settling down at the Newark airport looking through sunny tall windows out at the blue and golden globe tail fin of a Continental jet and the Empire State Building beyond the trains in the blue grey sky distant and a red white and blue flag tussling in the brisk wind. The flight was rough due to the high winds so no in flight coffee service as the poor stewardess in her plump black sweetness wouldn’t have been able to make it down the aisles as we were jumping up and down on the flight. We flew from Burlington Vermont as we could catch a non-stop flight to Hawaii instead of stopping in Chicago or LA.

It was an early morning leaving the hotel in Burlington with the alarm sounding at 5:50 AM and then the wake up call recording and I was az bit sleepy after the melatonin and the large supper we ate. Still the room was noisy and too hot even with DD trying to turn down the thermostat it never really got cool enough so both of us tossed and turned a lot and the ice machine grinding and so when we went downstairs in the stinking elevator we called this place the Park & Fry because of the heat…oh well…there was no continental breakfast included which sucked so instead of staying there we took the shuttle to the Airport with the Sheriff and had a breakfast at the One Flight Up I had sunny siders with English muffs and DD had some poached eggs as we watched the radar dish rotating in the distance.

There wasn’t much passenger traffic at the Vermont airport, which is what we wanted, but some guy with a beard who looked somewhat like, pardon any inference of political incorrectness, a cross between a Hippie and a strict Muslim, who first sat down with his older Hippie chick but suddenly didn’t want a table near anyone else so they moved to the “closed” dining room and a minute later the waitress kindly asked them to sit where everyone else was sitting.

He got all upset…huffing and grumpin’ on about the “Population Density” being too high in the restaurant. “Population Density”?….ummm…ok dude this is Burlington, Vermont at 8 am so just chill out and maybe grab a coffee and don’t freak out at the airport!

We finished breakfast and made our way through security to the boarding area. Of course Mr. Population Density has to be on our flight! D’oh!

The flight was rough but at least now it’s sunny and DD had her head on my lap the whole 60 minute flight because of her tummy was not appreciating the bumps. The turbulence was aweful and being in the small Continental charter was like some sort of carnival ride! DD was turning paler as we bumped and swayed over the snowy New Jersey landscape below us but she’s having a ginger ale now and feeling slowly better. You Can Do It!