Jasper & Alaska : Burmese Babies

Have you met Alaska & Jasper? Maybe not but they are the newest additions to our family! We love being surrounded by creatures and when we lost our dear pussy cat Pauline we went through an emptiness and mourning that only cat lovers can comprehend.

With the loss of Pauline, who had been with DD for over a decade we decided that we wanted to adopt a pair of kittens and we found a lovely pair from a breeder here in Quebec.

I’m not sure why we were drawn towards the Burmese breed but after much research we decided that we wanted to have two Burmese kittens as we felt that their character attributes well-matched our own ideals and we were drawn to them.

Naturally, when our cat Pauline passed away we were heartbroken. As we mourned and grieved, and began living without our pet who had spent so many years with us in our country retirement home, we realized that we wanted to adopt some pussy-cats to fill the gaping void Pauline, our sweetie, had left with her passing.

We were attracted to the Burmese breed due to their characteristics and sheer beauty. We were lucky enough to find a local breeder after much searching and once we began correspondence with the breeder it became clear that this was the right thing to do…there were so many odd connections that tied us to these kittens and brought us full circle with our mourning of dear Pauline.

Jasper and Alaska were both born on the 29th of February 2008 which was interesting because they both had different mothers yet they were both born on the same day! Not only that but they were born on the exact same day as Pauline was cremated. Our new kittens came in to the world the same day our Pauline, who was 15 years old, was cremated. On top of that the mother of Alaska, Sally, was born on the same date as DAMI, April 20th. All these connections created an incredible happiness within us!

Meet the Burmese Babies! If you need a theme song then just think of Brittney singing: Burmalizer Burmilzer Burmalizer!