Museum of the Fjord, Saguenay

We are going to The Museum of the Fjord in Saguenay which is in La Baie, Saguenay. I was looking for a museum to visit and stopped at the information center in Chicoutimi and this looked like a must-see attraction. It is right on the edge of the Fjord at La Baie and I am already excited about seeing whales and history…bring it on!

Arriving at the Musee du Fjord du Saguenay already is getting me excited!

The museum is divided into different sections, all on one floor, it’s not huge but every inch is so interesting. We are starting in the science and discovery area where we have a great guide who takes us through the stations where we can see, touch, feel, hear and see all kinds of experiences based on science.

I really like the hands-on display of the ferro fluids where we could manipulate a series of magnets and change the shape and size of a liquid glob of magnetized oil…totally freaked me out!!

The display of Ferrofluids at the museum was amazing. A magnetic suspension of liquid craziness!

Our guide was great and she showed us how bubbles work and electron microscopes and atoms within different substances.

Kids would love it and me and MALA did too as I was thrilled to learn how to make toothpaste and how to use bicarboante of soda to turn my orange juice into a fizzy drink!

Science is great!

The museum also has a great section devoted to the people and family trees within the area and in Quebec. The hall is immense with computers where you can enter your family name and find dates of marriages and where they occurred.

At the museum you can search your family name and find some historical information about the marriages and this helps with the family tree research!

There are paintings and recorded diaries from real residents who explain life many years ago.

Watching the other visitors to the museum search their family history and finding things and then starting to talk about their history was great!

One room of the museum explains the people and history of the region, videos, audio and live interpreters make this just amazing.

There is a live aquarium that has all sorts of creatures, and you know I love creatures! The display is all about the living beings in the Saguenay region and they have rays, fish, urchins and all sorts of interesting swimmy things and some are so well disguised you might miss them!

There is a hands-on area where you can pick up sea cucumbers and star fish and they really give a friendly and fun experience where we can ask questions and touch things…those things that normally live beyond our eyes and our eyes.

This is the egg of a Ray, it has barbed little hooks, very odd looking and not what we consider to be what an egg would look like!

Making homemade toothpaste and creating a fizzy orange drink as well as making a tornado in a bottle…all fun things we got to do at the museum!

To tell the truth I didn’t want to touch the poor sea cucumber…he looked like he had been bounced around enough for one day!

The 3-D experience is pretty cool! I have never been to Walt Disney World but I imagine this is what a ride at WDW would be like! We enter a spaceship type of room and each have a seat in what looks like the Star Ship Enterprise!

We get inside a space ship and go into space and underwater to experience the Saguenay region through history.

We put on headphones and have a audio-visual trip above and into the Saguenay and explore the history and creation of the region. It’s cool, maybe people who are blase with the latest technology would find it kind of dated but I really liked it!

The museum has a bit of everything and I left with a recipe for homemade toothpaste so I would recommend it all the way!