Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

We loved this film! Go see it! Seriously!

Instead of giving a review of the film “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” that involved four or five stars I would give it just three little letters…OMG! Well maybe I would add an “F” and say OMFG! Our review is: We totally loved this movie!!

It was during my last Saturday at work that we decided to go see a film! DD had been to some 3D films on her trip to Florida but I think last time I had seen a three-D movie was back in the day when they used red and blue 3-d glasses and the scariest thing was Vincent Price’s fingernails growing into your popcorn! OUCH!

Normally I am a bit wary to going to spend $15.00 to go see a first run movie in the theatre…especially an animated feature…I mean, I loved Toy Story back ten years ago but stinkers like Shrek have left me unable to go to those Disney Animated flicks…

The previews I saw on TV for “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” really grabbed my attention and so when I heard from PondChief that it made him bust a laugh I said to myself that maybe this summer autumn Saturday would be a good day to drive down to Brossard (?) to check it out?

The animation was fantastic, the characters were fantastic, the 3D effects were mind-blowing! I can’t say enough about how much I got into this movie!

The characters were well drawn and the story was rivetting from start to end!

Since we don’t have kids I must have missed the children’s book that the movie was based on but we both had every emotion from tears to sweat to blood! Well….ok…so there was no blood but the experience was incredibly fulfilling!

The theatre was only half full for the 3 PM showing but there were alot of familes with kids and the kids all seemed to like the movie…none of them were bored or talking so it must have grabbed their attentions…there was only one spot when the dancing evil bar-b-que chickens were going after Little Brent that a couple of kids started bawling!

I can relate to that junior! Those brown skinned headless chickens were sooooo wierd! At that point in the movie with my Roy Orbison 3D glasses dangling off my nose, I realized that this was brilliance and genious at the same time!

At first I was just blown-away by the incredible 3D and animated effects of the film but as the characters developed and the plot developed it was clear that the film had a message but the message didn’t whack me on the head…it was subtle…it was incredible!

The portrayal of gluttony, greed and selfishness in our modern culture was exposed but it wasn’t moralistic…it was mainly the more sophisticated viewers who caught any sort of message…but there was a point in the film where it all made sense!

The music was perfect, the colors were techno-delicious, the action voices and backgrounds were brilliant in texture and saturation!

One of the best films I’ve seen in years!!