On my way to Saguenay

On my way to Saguenay, at the harbor in Riviere Du Loup while waiting for the ferry, I see a couple playing on the rocks and I feel it is a sign of adventure to come.

It’s awesome to be able to discover a new place and see new things and when my friend told me he had rented an apartment for the summer in Chicoutimi, Quebec to spend his summer vacation I was happy to suggest I come for a visit. I have heard about the Saguenay region of Quebec many times; recently because our desire to visit all the National Parks of Canada and earlier I remember the flood of Saguenay and the famous little white house.

I left with my bike and camping gear in the car and drove from Moncton to Riviere du Loup in the morning. The highway is good but things don’t really get interesting until I get to the ferry and smell the air of the St. Lawrence!The ferry leaves Riveire Du Loup 4 times per day during July and I was able to easily got to the 2:45 ferry by leaving Moncton at around 8:30.

Ferry from Riviere Du Loup to St Simeon

The ferry from Riviere du Loup to St. Simeon is pretty luxurious especially after seeing the Grand Manan ferry. This boat had nice outdoor seaing areas, a nice diner style restaurant with curved counters like in old school restaurants as well as a bar and viewing lounge and play area for kids.

I was able to get a great view from all sides. It felt a bit like a cruise ship…as I get to the outdoor deck I see people sipping beer and wine in a festive mood! I love Quebec!

I checked the ferry website and they advised to arrive 90 minutes before departure and it was a good thing I got there 75 minutes before as there was already a long line of cars and the ship only holds 100 vehicles.

The boarding and unloading of the ferry was a bit strange as here was only a single narrow lane to allow a single vehicle at a time to embark on board and to get off at the other end…some of the motor homes looked like they had a tight fit on the exit ramp!

Driving on Highway 170 to Saguenay

Baie des Ha! Ha!

The drive to Saguenay is really nice, I am on highway 170 from St Simeon which passes near Park National du Fijord du Saguenay. The road is winding with nice views of the hills and mountains. Bare exposed rocks and moss covered outcrops make it an interesting drive.

Suddenly a wonderful vista opened up for me and I was at a large bay…guess what…it was The Baie des Ha! Ha!  I had seen the road sign for a place calledSt Louis De Ha! Ha! and when I saw the Baie des Ha! Ha! I figured this province has a good sense of humor!

I get to Chicoutimi and see my friend who is waving from the balcony of his apartment overlooking the bike trail running along the Saguenay River.

What a nice place! It has been a long drive but I am happy to be in this part of Quebec that has been unknown to me.

These Sheep Sculptures on Highway 170 to Saguenay made me stop and take a photo!

I can’t wait to see what the next few days will bring!!

I am looking forward to visiting the parks and gardens and museums of the area!