Snowstorm! Eastern Canada Snowed In!

The snow is still falling and we’ve already been out twice to shovel the snow off the steps and down the back to the fish pond! It isn’t stopping! We were expecting a big snow storm but it is looking worse than expected. In New Brunswick there was a huge storm surge in Port Elgin near SackVille where we had been looking for a home to buy.

Moncton was hit too and we had been spending all day between shovelling duty on the MLS looking for homes to buy in Moncton, keeping an eye on the snow fall and hoping there would be no floods in the neighborhoods we were interested in! This NorEaster is bringing up to 60 cm of snow and at least we’re not in Montreal where the streets are probably a disaster area…out here in the Eastern Townships all of this accumulation of snow is just plain beautiful!

The snow was piled high against the front and back door and the pond in the backyard looked like two deep valleys in the snow, we could just barely see the pond because of the pond heaters we had put in. Once we got the snow shoveled away from the ponds we could see our poor little goldfish looking up at us wondering what all the ruckus was about! Their little pond and benches looks like some sort of Nunavut paradise!

DD started in the front of the house and I started in the back with the two new shovels I bought…good timing! We didn’t have anything like this last year or even the year before so this looks like a record snowfall for 2010! JJ Towing was across the street hauling cars out of the ditch and we were hoping our driveway would get cleared because 48 inches of snow wouldn’t be easy to drive over tomorrow when it’s back to work!

This may be the biggest storm of the season or maybe the worst snowstorm of the decade but us here in Eastern Canada will do what we do best…hunker down in our pajamas’s with a hot cup of cocoa and curl up on the la-z-boy with our kittens!

Let it snow let it snow let it snow!!!